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BB Corporate colour


BIG BERRY has its own corporate colour which is red-violet or you may also call it burgundy colour. It is the most common berry colour in nature and that's why BIG BERRY chose it. Also, the berries with this colour contain a lot of vitamins and other healthy ingredients.

What else does this rich colour mean for us?

Luxury, power, deep strength, explosive, energy, action, enthusiasm, and friendliness. Our colour is like bridge to everyone’s spirit. Connection with love, passion, and caring about little things. Love from above and beyond passion into compassion. Liveliness and the sense of purpose that is always there.

Red violet/burgundy colour represents the strength of the BB character. The corporate colour is used for the logo and the stripes on all of the houses and lanterns, which decorate our terrace and connect the brand directly with our nature.

The colour attracts attention and evokes strong emotions from viewers. Surround yourself with the BB Brand Energy...



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