“I love to cook and i most of all i love to eat”

05. 09. 2017

Katja Crnjak participated in MasterChef Slovenija and reached the 4th place. She will be our next BB Chef.

According to her she proved to herself and others that cooking is her special skill. She started to cook during her childhood with her grandmother. Don’t worry she still thinks that she is the best cook ever. Grandmothers always win!
She love to taste all kind of different food and travel a lot worldwide in order to improve her passion for cooking 

She is also a graphic designer. Her favorite meal is crabstew mofongo, a tradicional Puerto Rican dish, which is made of green bananas (plantains) and crab meat.
She’ll be at BIG BERRY Kolpa River next sunday.

Let the competition begin… ups! We are not in MasterChef.

Author: Bruno


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