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Congratulations BB Chefs!

15. 11. 2017

Well it is known the gastronomic project  BIG BERRY Chef carried out the last season in BIG BERRY Kolpa River was a success in which we have a total of 19  international chefs who delighted us with their culinary creations.

And now we are very proud to see how some of them in the last weeks are receiving awards for their work and professionalism.

Such is the case of our young Filip Matjaž from Gostilna Mate in Portorož who participated in the BB Chef project in May and surprised us with his self-confidence, cheerfulness and know-how in the kitchen. Last week he participated in the European young chef awards 2017 that took place in Barcelona and in which he qualified with an excellent third place. Filip Matjaž, who learned his culinary skills since he was a child, represented Mediterranean Slovenia (Primorska) with a taste of the Slovenian sea. He became a mentor to future young chefs and at the same time the IGCAT Ambassador for Primorska, who is under the baton of dr. Aleš Gačnik is preparing to bid for the title European Gastronomic Region.

And also our beloved BB Chefs Elke & Bernhard Oberhauser from Best of the Rest in Klagenfurt, who were with us last August, have been nominated for the Austrian climate safe place award 2017. Undoubtedly a deserved recognition for a new way of understanding gastronomy and get the most out of it.

Congratulations BB Chefs!


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