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BB and Hosekra will create Slovenian House on the Winter Olympics in Korea 2018

18. 10. 2017

BIG BERRY is devoted to create a new project after summer closing of Kolpa River resort, and once again is going global through connection of constructive ideas, cultures and modern design.

BIG BERRY accepted the challenge to construct structure of Slovenian house, located on the near entrance of the ski resort Alpensia, in the South Korean city PyeongChang,  that will host numerous well-known and respectful sportsman and entrepreneurs during 23rd Winter Olympic Games.

The project has the aim to develop space with unique atmosphere and worth for country’s world sport champions, while creating an ambient that shows original Slovenian hospitality, culture, entrepreneurship and architecture to the rest of the world.

Considering the size and various functionality that the Slovenian house will have during 17 days in February 2018, it has been decided to develop rather simple architectural structure with focus on the usability of the space and idea came to the traditional symbol of Slovenia’s culture, “kozolec”. Completely vernacular architectural style will be combined also with simple and most recognizable traditional Asian elements, paper lampions.

The structure, designed by Slovenian architects Gregorc & Vrhovec, will support various gathering purposes and people from different backgrounds; sports, media, entrepreneurs and visitors. Focused on multi functionality, hayrack structure will optimally divide the space for different purposes; main social area - restaurant, 2 auditories for informal and formal events, lounge area and open spaces for exhibitions or presentation of the sponsors.

Being for years in line with Slovenian trends and countries visibility, BIG BERRY and Hosekra is the specialist for development of the structures that blend in and create the feeling of unity by joining the spaces, goals and creative concepts.


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