For only two years of operating, BIG BERRY brand has received various honorable recognitions.
The innovative lifestyle concept was spread in different countries and among different publications around the world.
See below some of the top achievements of BIG BERRY.


Participating Winter Olympics 2018 in Korea

Hosekra is the name for innovation, quality of life and sustainable development. The main activity of the company is the development of modern materials and innovative processes for the production and installation of roof and assembly facilities, such as garages and tourist mobile homes. By developing new products, high standards are achieved in the field of energy efficiency and environmentally friendly materials. Hosekra will produce the backbone of the project for the Slovenian house - the wooden construction of the pavilion.


AAA - founder company

Mother company Hosekra received highest possible rating assigned by credit rating agency.


Masterchefs Slovenia & Croatia

Master Chef Erich Glavica, FWMCS, Chapter Chairman from Croatia, and
Master Chef Zdravko Krnjajić, MWMCS from Slovenia, participated in a project
known as “Big Berry Chef” in July in Primostek on the Kupa/Kolpa River that
divides Croatia and Slovenia.
On the banks of the river they prepared a lunch for all those present and once
again proved that Chefs are not concerned with borders, only with work, effort,
learning, creativity, and love for food!