AlpStories collection of skin and hair products is combined with the rich legacy of alpine traditional and modern approaches. Inspired by the long tradition of the healing power of plants and development of active botanicals, AlpStories bring out only the best of nature.

The Alps are famous throughout the whole world for their natural beauty. Where the evening sun embraces the mountains and high peaks, a nearly always deep blue sky greets you with warmth, and endless green meadows colored by millions of flowers and scented by fresh herbs stun your spirit, this is where the home of AlpStories is.

With Alpstories, the user is the centre of business. AlpStories helps you to understand your skin, guides you in selecting the most suitable ingredients and allows you to choose your favorite scent for your own products. AlpStories products are created without parabens, synthetic fragrances, mineral oils and silicones, that will leave you feeling naturally beautiful both inside and out.

At BIG BERRY, we believe that the most luxurious lifestyle is when comfort is blended with nature. During your stay, you will have the chance to experience the products crafted from nature. You will find AlpStories products with special ingredient combinations that we have selected especially for our guests. There are various opportunities to understand more about the ingredients and how products are crafted with many events co-organized by BIG BERRY and AlpStories in our beautiful resort.