Zlati Ghee

It is a special atmosphere that you enter when you arrive at the Zlati Ghee kitchen. There is no sign of a rushed production but only friendship, music and good energy. Yet again what would you expect from a product that is produced among friends and combines the essences of nature. The Zlati Ghee gang do what they love and love what they do!

Zlati Ghee started about six years ago in Dušan's head who was introduced to Ghee by a friend that has been cooking Ghee for friends and family. After researching more about Ghee on the internet Dušan decided that it would be a shame not to share the benefits of golden butter with everyone. So he gathered his friends and together they started cooking. Zlati Ghee is made from natural butter that is again made from milk from happy cows. Cows that enjoy flowers, grass and water in the sunshine. Ghee is basically oil that contains all the good from nature - minerals, vitamins, good vibes, good cholesterol, the sunshine etc. Being 100% natural, Ghee is a true all-rounder. It is highly useful for the human body since the body is able to consume and preserve all components. Ghee functions as the body's cement - being beneficial for joints, marrow, skin and soft organs. It helps to build up a strong body and rejuvenates which is why it is recommendable for people at any age. Ghee, as it is, has been known for over 3,000 to 5,000 years all over the world and has been a true companion for soldiers in war because they were able to eat it, use it for weapon maintenance and skin protection.

Zlati Ghee offers bread spreads, such as:

  • Zlati Ghee (the golden butter)
  • SeGhee (with sesame seeds)
  • ČeGhee (with wild garlic)
  • TartuGhee (with truffles)
  • GarGhee (with garlic and parsley)
  • LeGhee (with hazelnut and cinnamon)

With the growing wish to expand has brought Ghee face cream and Gheek (Ghee popcorn) to their product variety. But Dušan and his friends do not stop dreaming about more...Ghee ice cream for example. Anyhow, one step after another and no rush. Each Ghee variation requires time to develop, be produced and perfected. So the Zlati Ghee group take their time in production, make sure the Ghee is cooked while listening to the right music and surrounded by good energy.

Zlati Ghee
Jugorje pri Metliki 8
8331 Suhor

P: +386 40 542 364

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