Pivovarna Vizir

Vizir is the largest microbrewery in Slovenia, is located in Lokve, 5km from the town of Crnomelj, Bela krajina. Their beers are produced using only ingredients from nature, without any additives, preservatives or pasteurization process. It is completely natural!

What really characterizes Vizir is their creativity and their constant effort seeking for new flavours to find exactly that beer you want to experience:

1. PALE ALE Mr. Pride - Modern classic. Gentle. Refreshing.

Very refreshing and drinkable pale ale with a nice combination of basic malts and some gentle hops, that give it fresh flavours and easy bitterness. Excellent beer for everyday pleasure.  IBU: 47  Alc: 4.7 %  Bottle: 0.5 L 

2. IPA Gringo - Different. Hoppy. Enjoyable.

The beer base is formed by a nice combination of caramelised and roasted malts and it is overlaid with four different American hops that give it a fresh, fruity aroma with more intensive bitterness in the end.  IBU: 91  Alc: 6 %  Bottle: 0,33L

3. IMPERIAL IPA Maximus - Robust. Complex. Gourmet.

Strong beer with higher alcohol content and an intense taste. We used Slovenian hop ‘Styrian Golding’, which gives it a special character. A very effective combination of malts and hops gives this beer enough body to incorporate higher alcohol content well. Gourmet beer for special occasions!  IBU: 134  Alc: 9 %  Bottle: 0,33 L

4. STOUT Black Jack Black - Coffee like. Intensive.

This intensively dark stout is simply charming. The body is formed by small amounts of completely black malt, with a combination of roasted and caramelised malts. To finish and balance this coffee and chocolate taste, we added different hops, which resulted in a beer with nice bitterness and gentle aroma.  IBU: 54  Alc: 4,9 %  Bottle: 0,33 L

5. WHEAT IPA Superstar - Original. Tempting. Unique.

Somewhat different India Pale Ale, brewed with a combination of barley malt and wheat, which is a good basis for a dozen of hops that give this beer a unique flavour and quite strong bitter taste. The beer is smooth, fresh and just charming.  IBU: 132  Alc.: 5,5%  Bottle: 0,5 L

6. BLACK IPA Midnight - Brave. Exceptional. Special.

A special style of IPA, which includes some dark malts that give this beer chocolate taste upgraded with fresh hoppy flavours. Black IPA will fascinate all real beer lovers with its nice aroma and a very pleasant combination of bitterness and maltiness.  IBU: 70  Alc.: 5,1 %  Bottle: 0,33 L

Lokve 10b
8340 Črnomelj

P: +386 70 334 433
E: maja.imsirovic@vizir.si



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