Tik Tak Ice Cream

Local home-made ice cream 100% natural is what Tik Tak Cafe started making this year (2017) in Črnomelj, Bela krajina, by the initiative of its owner Zdenka Stipanovic, a sales manager that has been working for the past years selling ice cream machines and raw material for ice cream producers.

The inspiration for this new and yummy business was found after years of work in the field and the will of bringing to Slovenia a high-quality product that could satisfy the client’s taste.

Tik Tak has already created more than 70 types of ice cream, both with water and milk, in the Rokmar machines, which has the capacity of producing ice-cream in around 15 minutes and has the advantage of having four quality certificates, being those GMO free, Halal, AHCCP, Brez Alergnov.

From now, every BIG BERRY guest will enjoy a delicious berry ice-cream which will be delivered directly to their houses by the Kolpa River.

Belokranjska 26
8340 Crnomelj

P: 041 441 789
E: Zdenka@rokmar.si

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