T-2, d.o.o. is a modern telecommunications company, which offers quality and reliable telecommunication, information and media services. Its platform is the most advanced technology development, the company focused on convergent broadband and personalized interactive services.

The services of mobile and fixed telephony, Internet and television provide individuals, families, businesses and institutions at an affordable price. These offers run through its own fibre optic network (FTTH), with roaming in the national fixed network (VDSL service) or on a mobile roaming network in UMTS networks of other providers. Through the fixed network of T-2 offers Internet services, VoIP and IP TV, through mobile while mobile telephony and mobile Internet.

The company T-2 is a leading provider of technologies for fibre optic connections. Its own optical access network is already built in all major cities in Slovenia, while constantly concerned for its modernization and expansion. In the VDSL network has a number of co-location of their operating stations. In 2013, his role of T-2 shows with more than 150,000 terminals on optics, VDSL and mobile telephony. Connecting to the network for users free of charge.

T-2, d.o.o. was founded on 11 May 2004 in Maribor. It came on the market with its first owners in October 2005, and was among the first in the world to offer services over VDSL technology. In May 2006, it expanded its offer with FTTH technology in optical network, in June 2008 it added mobile voice and data communications via UMTS networks. At the end of February 2012 the company with new owners and management's structure began to implement the new development plans, which include the development of technologies, increase sales, meet new customer needs and manage the growth of the brand's reputation. The company is headquartered in Ljubljana, Verovškova 64A.

For BIG BERRY, T2 is an essential partner. We rely on T2's services for being able to connect with people, to share our activities, adventures and experience and to be able to work. T2 was actually the saviour on BIG BERRY's silent day...without our phones and internet, we would not have been able to communicate or get any work done at all.

Novi trg 10
8000 Novo Mesto

P: 064 064 064
E: info@t-2.net


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