Status d. o. o. Metlika is a family company which have been developing vacuum products since 1995 and they are familiar with their entire life cycle. Their driving force is the idea of introducing something good into their customers’ homes with each product, the respect for quality food, and the appreciation of your time and the quality of living.

Why Vacuum?

Vacuum – the removal of oxygen from packaging by using a manual or electric pump – helps to achieve conditions needed for prolonging the shelf life of foodstuffs. The process of creating vacuum negative pressure is generated within containers or bags. It is healthy.

It is the only natural way of food storage.

  • It is hygienic and free from foul odours. The materials are food-grade and prevent odours from passing through.
  • It is practical, fast, simple and efficient.
  • It is tried-and-true and it works!

    Work methods include:

  • developing new products based on detailed analysis of market needs,
  • manufacturing own equipment - independently or in cooperation,
  • selecting materials, buying and manufacturing product components,
  • assembling end products on the company grounds under the close supervision of qualified experts,
  • selling products worldwide (90% in the EU and ex-Yugoslav countries, 10% worldwide).

They are convinced that every Status product can bring something positive into the life of their customers. They are guided by the belief that they should help customers and make them happy.

Ulica Belokranjskega odreda 19
8330 Metlika

P: 386 41 236 909

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