Simonič Semiska Penina

Alike most families in Bela Krajina, wine production has a long tradition in the Simonič family. In 1998, the Simoničs decided to contribute to the wine variety of the region and started producing sparkling wine which is available mostly in big supermarket chains and their own wine cellar since 2000.

The grapes, which are "modra frankinja" – the most popular grape variety in this region -, have to be picked in early September, which is earlier than for still wine. The first step of producing sparkling wine is the fermentation in tanks. Afterwards, the sparkling wine is filled in bottles and stored horizontally for at least 1.5 years – which marks the second fermentation process. After that the bottles are slowly turned vertically – back in the days by hand, now a turning machine helps – for the yeast to sink to the bottle opening. It takes about 7 to 9 days to turn the bottles which are turned and 8th of a circle each hour by the turning machine. After the yeast dropped to the cap, the cap is being taken away, the yeast released, sugar added, the bottle filled up and corked – this process is called “disgorging”. Same as still wines, sparkling wines are better when aged.

The very expensive and time-consuming production is mostly performed only by father and son. Just for some activities, like grape harvesting or disgorging, more people are hired. Father and son produce 15.000 to 20.000 bottles a year, mostly sold around New Year's Eve. The Simoničs offer ten different kinds of sparkling wine. Their variety ranges from regular known sparkling wine over sparkling wine with gold leaves to sparkling wine that has aged in the sea. During your stay at Big Berry, try the tasty sparkling wines and visit the winery.

Simonič Semiska Penina
98333 Semič

P: 07 3568 263 
GSM: 041 655 509 

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