Senčila Bled

Sencila Bled, that started as a small family business about 20 years ago, was able to expand its business since 2005 due to hard work and consistency. They produce blinds, mosquito nets and awnings with modern and highly qualitative materials and production processes.  

Sencila Bled rather focusses on customisation, because people become pickier and the blinds on their houses will be a part of their daily life. Sencila Bled fulfils each customer's wishes for colours, prints and fabrics. For that, they need to work miracles from time to time. Blinds are the last thing that is attached to a house but are needed...usually asap, especially in summer. That makes business interesting and fun for Sencila Bled, so that they are able to fulfil customer needs on time. For that, Senicla Bled employees 36 people - smart and clever people who are creative in solving requests fast and reliable. Also, Sencila Bled relies on partners in Germany and the Netherlands to be provided with high-quality material. Each blind requires manual work so that the production process takes more time. But, for their customers, Sencila Bled is willing to take the chances against automatization and pro customisation. Most of their business is B2B in Austria and B2C as well as B2B in Slovenia.

BIG BERRY also chose Sencila Bled for installing blinds and mosquito nets in the houses since this new concept of mobile homes required customised and qualitative. 

Senčila Bled
Pot na Lisice 11
4260 Bled

P: +386 4 575 23 00


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