Oljarna Pečarič

In the heart of Metlika’s vineyards, the Pečarič family does not only offer excellent oils and comfortable accommodation for travellers but also shares a tradition of oil production with their guests. The walnut oil, which was the first one the family produced, has come a long way to be part of this diverse variety today. From the first 350 walnut trees and over 300 hazelnut seedlings in 1990, the oil made its way out of the shadows and is now well known among tourists and herbalists in the area.

Oil’s benefits to the human skin or as a useful companion in the kitchen are no secret but that it also helps with the functionality of the human organs might be surprising. Preventing clothing, regulating blood circulation or soothing the symptoms of arthritis – each of the twelve oils, from almond to walnut, has its own “expertise”. The Pečarič family produce the oils from 100% organic seeds, which makes all of them genially natural and healthy. Visit the Pečarič family and experience their huge variety of oils to feel what good they can do for you.

From Big Berry, it takes you only 15 minutes to visit the family and listen to the owner sharing their stories. You can also build up the first connection to the oil whenever you are in the camp. Just come and try it at our reception.

Drašiči 33
8330 Metlika

E: oljarna.pecaric@gmail.com
P: 07 305 80 93 
GSM: 040 716 148 

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