Krajinski Park Lahinja

THE LAHIN'S LAND PLANT comprises a naturally preserved area of the upper Lahinja River Upstream where a series of different karst phenomena intertwine. There are 7 natural monuments, two natural reserves and five cultural monuments especially protected. Interesting is the small karstic field near the Karst cave Zjot (Djud) with an underground lake and a densely populated hall. West of Zyot, in the middle of the field, a sinking Glušenka sink, which comes into contact with groundwater, opens. The specialty of the park is the botanical and zoological interesting natural reserve Nerajski and Lahinjski Lugi along the sources of Lahinja and its confluence with Nerajčica. In the marsh of Mlaka even a turtle bowl resides.

The park is also interesting in cultural and historical terms. The outlet of the Lahinja River near Pustem Graz was inhabited in the Neolithic and Copper Age. In the 16th century, a castle was built on it, which was abandoned already at the end of the 18th century. At the top of the hut stands in the middle of the cemetery of the Church of All Saints with the year 1638 on the stone portal. Along the Lahinja river there are sawmills and mill, which are currently only being used for tourist purposes. Not far from the village, in the direction of Veliki Nerajac, there is an old-time yellow-haired pile.

The paths are arranged along the park and time of the entire hike is about 3h.

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