Kmetija Pavlovič

Farm Pavlovič - integrated production of fruit and vegetables with the highest biological value

"Let us take care of your health!"

Pavlovič farm is a family farm from Metlika, specifically from Križevske village. Production on the farm is specialized in the integrated production of vegetables in indoor and outdoor space.

Approximately one-third of the land is covered with plastic houses which are used to continue coverage in the early spring and late autumn, certain vegetables with overlays. In the plastic greenhouses, they grow strawberries and they also have the aronia plantation and raspberries.

In 2013, they have registered a supplementary activity for cooking jams, juices and teas preparation. Also, one of the main specialties from Kmetija Pavlovič is raspberry wine.

Križevska vas 42
428330 Metlika 

P: 040 722 000




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