Kmetija Kočevar

Three years ago the Kočevar family started to produce hemp liqueur exclusively for family and friends. By now they produce hemp oil, hemp flour, different kinds of liqueur and natural juices to sell them on markets. All their products are homemade and without any supplements. The Kočevars desire to raise people's awareness about the benefits of industrial hemp.

HEMP OIL is composed mainly of unsaturated fatty acids and contains B complex and E vitamins, which have a positive influence for the consumer. It contains the ideal ratio of omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids for the human organism as well as GLA fatty acid, which in nature is found only in the hemp oil and the human body. Two teaspoons per day are sufficient for all the needs of the human organism for these fatty acids. Consuming hemp oil has many benefits for our body, for example, it renews damaged skin, regulates cholesterol and blood pressure and solves insomnia problems. 

HEMP TEA is also beneficial for the organism. For one cup of tea, you should use approximately 1g of dried hemp. Boil water, mix it with hemp and leave it for 5-6 minutes to rest, then strain and sweeten to taste. It is recommended to drink 1 cup before bedtime for a peaceful dream.

HEMP FLOUR is obtained from the residue after pressing the hemp, which was used for the hemp oil. The flour contains over 37% of vegetable protein, more than 20% carbohydrate and 10% of fatty acids while being gluten-free. Hemp flour can replace up to 20% of wheat flour in meals. It is mostly used for baking but also to thicken sauces and vegetables or in addition to yoghurt and cereal. It is especially recommended for physically active individuals, e.g. active athletes.

Kmetija Kočevar
Rožanec 10
8340 Črnomelj

P: +386 40439749


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