Kmetija Štrucelj

The Farm Štrucelj is situated in the border area which belongs to the less-favored areas for agricultural production. The farm is included in the program of integrated production. It is engaged in the dairy and breeding heifers for herd overhaul. The main activity on the farm is milk production, the quantity of milk delivered by the farm is among the largest in Bela Krajina. The farm has always been engaged in farming, in 1968 the Štrucelj family decided that they would generate a monthly income exclusively to agricultural activity. Until 1985 they were dealing with fattening pigs, breeding young fattened cattle, growing potatoes and milk production. 

In the meantime, the Štrucelj family had a small number of dairy cows, which is why they gradually grew the lease of agricultural land because of the larger amounts of basic feed needed. Ever since, the farm Štrucelj has expanded its business, by e.g. building new and bigger barns which now have a milking robot. The Štrucelj family wanted to share their milk with visitors and inhabitants of the region which is why they installed "meklomats" in Metlika and Črnomelj so that everybody can enjoy their milk around the clock. 

At BIG BERRY, your day starts with yoghurt and milk from the farm which is being delivered directly to your house. If you cannot get enough of it, you can visit the farm Štrucelj and buy your favourite dairy products, such as milk, yoghurt, cheese..., in their farm shop. Pet the cows for a while when you are there for that they produce such delicious milk.

Kmetija Štrucelj
Griblje 6
8332 Gradac 

P:  041 896 539

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