Domačija Kuzma

The characteristic sign of a small village Pobrežje is a special castle, the town of Pobrežje. Particularly because of the fact that the Turks, who were at that time occupying the surrounding areas, have never fallen after the most intrusive and most successful attacks. In the basin below the castle, there is an object that has helped the ascent of the castle from the very beginning - this is the Grajski mlin or Kuzmin malenica.

What is the story of this Domačija Kuzma's staff present to you when visiting their homestead, walk you through history, and for a moment with the display of grinding, the flour is poured back into the past.

Since their homestead is located next to Kolpa, you can also rejuvenate on a natural bathing place or choose a canoe ride - because of the calm current above the waterfall, the location is also suitable for beginners in rowing. More about us can be found on the Facebook page of the Kuzma home.

P:  051 235 128 (+38651 235 128) - Stanka



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