Domače dobrote Mojca

Our partner Mojca is following a long tradition of cooking and preparing cakes for various events such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, church meeting, communion and many other. while cooking delicacies desserts which has become our priority during the time, they are putting our love that is for our family and friend that we had long in the memory.

Besides offering excellent pastries, cakes and desserts they are operating a bakery school that is named "School of Baking Bread". From their webpage, you can read a little pamphlet that involves their program "From grain to bread" which is designed for an elementary class. Bread is stapled food thousand of years and there is still new techniques of cooking which make the people worldwide.

They cannot refuse the strong symbolic meaning of bread, which still preserves many stories and religion from the history. They believe that cooking good bread is not only tracking the recipe because you also need to put your lovely arm and sense with a perfect harmony of ingredients, flavour, symbolism and homely atmosphere to occur delicious taste.

Domače dobrote Mojca
Rosalnice 38
8330 Metlika

T: 07 30 60 063
G: 031 697 881


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