4 kids and us

They are Jure and Vanja, a married couple with four kids. Each of their kids happened to have a very sensitive skin along with dermatological problems from an early age. For this reason, Jure first took up preparing soaps and crèmes in their kitchen that the children would be able to safely use. Consequently, this turned into a family business, which has been going on to this day. The name was inspired by this unusual situation as well.

“We offer you with natural ingredients rich products that do not contain toxins, are safe and effective. Each individual ingredient in our products is added for therapeutic reasons” – They explained.

Located in Radeče, north-east Slovenia, the '4 kids and us' are committed to producing many types of cosmetic products from natural ingredients. “One might think that the soap takes little until it gets ready. This is not actually the case. After making them, we should wait one month before the soaps are indeed appropriate for use. We also first test all formulas on our own skin.” – The two owners share.

If you would like to find out more about '4 kids and us', feel free to visit their website: https://www.4kidsandus.com

Titova ulica 6, 1433 Radeče
P: 0590 420 02
E: info@4kidsandus.com


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