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Kolpa River Slovenia

The Resort

Welcome to the first Slovenian Luxury Lifestyle Resort along River Kolpa in town of Primostek, where you will meet a new concept and collection of mobile homes with multipurpose center.

Herbal plantation

4 m - 1 min drive

In our herbal plantation we have fruits, vegetables, and aromatic plants that you can freely pick and add to your food. Feel free to cook some delicious...
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Canoe rental

6 m - 1 min drive

If you already have wrinkeld fingertips from swimming and your feet are full of blisters from hiking but you did not get enough of Kolpa River yet, just...
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Bicycle rental

13 m - 1 min drive

If you had enough of hiking or driving around with the car, just rent our bicycles and make your way through beautiful Bela krajina. The bicycles are in...
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BIG BERRY Mastermind

25 m - 1 min drive

  Mastermind is a project developed in partnership with outstanding people - entrepreneurs, businessmen, managers, creative minds with great experience,...
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94 m - 1 min drive

The New Productive Teambuilding Vacation Concept Working vacations are the best type of teambuilding vacations and short-term work projects for companies!...
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0.2 km - 1 min drive

BIG BERRY’s massage therapists use long smooth strokes and relaxing movements on your muscle to attune your mood to peaceful Kolpa River rhythms. This...
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Bee hotel

0.2 km - 1 min drive

These little diligent creatures are very important for our world. BIG BERRY strongly connects with nature and appreciates everything that it provides,...
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Sleeping in a tent

0.2 km - 1 min drive

You can also enjoy the stars sleeping in the tent in specified places in BIG BERRY. 7 open lounge houses together with the tents are available for use...
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BIG BERRY plantation

0.2 km - 1 min drive

At BIG BERRY we love healthy food and since fruits and berries are some of the healthiest foods around, we've filled a plantation right on our campsite with...
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Team building

0.2 km - 1 min drive

Team Building is a string of various types of outdoor and indoor activities that were used by companies to raise relation and spirit of companies among...
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Safe to walk barefoot

0.2 km - 1 min drive

At BIG BERRY you don't need boots, sneakers or flipflops. Give your feet some time off and treat them to some barfoot walking. Start of on the soft lawn...
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1.0 km - 3 mins drive

Enjoy the calm and peaceful camp environment, the flow of the river and the sound of singing birds.
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Horse riding

13.3 km - 17 mins drive

The best way to get enjoy of the untouched beauties of Slovenian is from horseback. BIG BERRY offers this an equestrian experience unique of its kind in...
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