BIG BERRY offers you the opportunity to work with our brand. Initially, the first two main offers are based on License and Franchise systems, however, we leave the possibilities and ideas in terms of contracts open, so we are able to adapt our contracts to your needs and business projects.

What BIG BERRY wants is to facilitate and support you on your business ideas, where you can combine creativity and business knowledge to our already existent brand, houses, services, brand items and projects.


As you might know, both BIG BERRY contract and business idea can be developed according to your will.

Besides it, you have also possibilities of choosing where to place the houses - by the sea, in the countryside or in the urban area.

BIG BERRY has already thought out of different ideas on how a BIG BERRY house can be suitable for a different range of business such as fashion stores, schools, co-working space, coffee shops, all type of offices, fairs, hairdresser and much more. The possibilities are certainly endless with the benefit of being able to bring your house and brand wherever you want.

Ready to explore? Check out below!  




Leisure (On and out the water)

Leisure (On and out the water)


Countryside grocery store

Coworking Space

Clothes Store

Countryside event space

Surf/Beach shop + Healthy food restaurant/shop

Coffee Shop

Countryside meeting room

Craft shop

Coworking Space

Countryside business leisure house/room

Coffee Shop

Craft shop

Countryside craft store

Bakery Shop

Meeting room

Countryside museum

Bar - also on the water

Bakery Shop


Water equipment rental


Bar - on the water




Beauty salon + Cosmetic Store


Hair dresser






Jewelry store


Asking the Franchisor 

  • How much support do you get?

BIG BERRY will provide you with all support needed, plus what is included in one-week training for every franchise:
- Social Media Management
- Event management
- Booking procedures
- BIG BERRY management Style
- Partner’s relations and social business 

  • What is the required franchisor’s profile?

- The franchisor might have proved experience in business management
- The franchisor might own the money
- The franchisor might be opened mind and social driven, once BIG BERRY has partnerships with local producers and businesses as an important part of the business
- The franchisor might be hard-working
- To know the local market

  • How much can I make as a BIG BERRY’s franchisee?

Contact BIG BERRY to learn and understand how profitable can a BIG BERRY franchise be.

  • How long does it take to start my BIG BERRY business?

It takes about 6 months to 1 year, depending on the complexity and country. 

  • What can I use BIG BERRY houses for? 

As you already might know, BIG BERRY works with three types of houses: Blue, Brown and Orange. 

  • Can I have BIG BERRY franchise outside Europe? 

Yes. BIG BERRY business is entirely adaptable to any kind of market, country and culture. Contact us for further information.

  • Why buy a franchise instead of starting my own business?

The number of business that succeeds with a franchise is higher than those starts a new brand.

  • Where is BIG BERRY present nowadays?

Click here to find out where BIG BERRY is present and which countries will receive new Franchises/Licenses next years.

  • Where will they be located?

The franchise will be located wherever the franchisee decides, being limited to the modality of houses (blue - countryside; orange - cities; brow-countryside) and by obligatory analysis of the location on accessibility; infrastructure; offered possibility in terms of partners; political and governmental support; legislation permission. 

  • What is the success rate of existing franchises?

There are different numbers from one location to another and also from the size of the resort. For further information, consult BB.

  • What method is used to protect franchisees from poorly performing franchises? 

This is a question to be agreed in the contract individually with every franchisee owner.

  • Who owns the trademarks, service marks, etc., and are they federally registered?

Yes, and they are registered under BIG BERRY name and slogan: BIG BERRY Luxury of Freedom.

  • Are any senior management or key personnel leaving the system?

No. The whole BIG BERRY senior management is complete not missing any key personnel.

  • Does this company compete with the franchisees in the marketplace?

According to the benchmark research, there is no similar service offered by hotels, resorts, campsite, glamping and any other modality of a hotel, that can be compared to BIG BERRY’s.

  • Will the franchisor finance any of the costs? 

Yes. Training courses, Reservation System, Social Media Content, Non-stop support, Events assistance.

  • Is the franchisor willing to negotiate the terms of the franchise?

Yes, both BIG BERRY’s franchise and license are open to negotiating terms that will be beneficial to both sides.

  • What is the total investment required to own a franchise?

The total is the amount paid for the house.

About Consumer Research And Marketing

  • Has the company conducted any consumer research and what were the results?

Since BIG BERRY is an innovative and specific concept, consumer research so far has been conducted mostly through primary and qualitative methods based on surveys, reviews, direct observations, interviews, direct communication with customers and target groups, visits and reviews of competitors.

The results of surveys, interviews and reviews of the consumers were very satisfying in terms of business so far. For any further information about results, contact BIG BERRY.

  • Does the franchisor conduct any market studies or research on the territory of a potential franchise? 

The research and market study of the territory where the franchise wants to be placed is conducted by the franchisee. If additional help or advice regarding the market studies is needed, it can be provided by the franchisor.

  • Are there any specific demographics required for the franchise support?

There are no specific demographics required in order to support the franchise because customers target group is widely spread and the franchise does not depend much on the demographics of the area.

About Training

  • How long will initial training last, where it will be held and are there any additional costs? 

Training costs will be included in the initial franchise fee.
They will take 21 days, being 15 days in Kolpa River destination, and the other 6 days in the franchisee destination.

  • For whom a mandatory training is required? 

Manager, Social Media, Partner’s relation, and owner.

  • Are there any additional training costs for extra staff? 

In case franchisee decides to send new staff to be trained, there will be additional costs and training might be scheduled, being agreed with BIG BERRY Kolpa management team the date and costs.

  • How will the training curriculum be carried out? 

The training course is given by multiple trainers since it is multidisciplinary. Names and background will be displayed in the contract. Some of the training are on:
- Social Media and Content Production
- Resort Management
- Partner’s Relation
- Events Hosting

  • Who pays for transportation, room and living expenses – training?

Transportation will be franchisee expenses, but full board accommodation is included in the initial franchise fee.

  • Besides to the operation manuals are there any extra training materials provided by the franchisor? 

There will be provided with a Franchise Book with essential information, being responsible for passing on the knowledge to new staff the franchisee. In case franchisee decides to send new staff to be trained, there will be additional costs and training might be scheduled, being agreed with BIG BERRY Kolpa management team.

  • Is there any practical assistance offered during the preparations, opening and initial period of work and how much does it cost? 

Yes. This is included in what BIG BERRY call “Field support” and has no additional costs.

About Products and Services

  • Is there a possibility of adding some new products, projects or services to the existing franchise? 

BIG BERRY is always innovating and franchisees will be the first to know about the new launches.

  • When and how would they be presented?

Every time BIG BERRY has a new item to be introduced, franchisees will receive the information in first hand and, later on, it will be published on our website and social media, in case we consider it necessary.

  • Is there an approximate costs estimation for the new products or services?

It will depend on the item. Prices and obligatoriness will be introduced in advance and can always be checked and discussed with us.

  • Are sales or distribution of the products restricted in any way? 

Yes. BIG BERRY items are meant to be used by licensors, franchisees and in case of brand events.

  • Is there a minimum that must be purchased? 

No. However, we consider franchisees and licensors with more units will have higher revenues if they purchase more houses, once the rentability will be higher when having more unities, because coasts with training, opening and brand items will remain the same. Also, in case franchisee already has a manager, it is possible him/her to manage more than one house at once.

  • How is the delivery of the goods working and is it adequate? 

The delivery of goods is normally made through partners, which provide goods and the shipping process. It will be always adequate to the franchisees’ needs. 

  • What is the process of obtaining supplies from the franchisor and is it more profitable?

At BIG BERRY, due to the partnership system - which can be learned during our training sessions - the prices are negotiable and lower than the one practised in the respective market. There is also a possibility of compensation through various channels.

  • What kind of supply the does franchisor offer? 

The franchisor supplies assistance, training, booking system provision, business model, houses, and other items that can be checked in our list of Brand Items and Services.

  • What is the quality of the franchisor’s product and service? 

Products and services are high quality and it can be checked online, by reading the reviews, content, pictures, models and also when scheduling a visit to BIG BERRY Kolpa, where you can experience the service yourself.

About Operations

  • Which responsibilities the field representatives have? 

Training, follow-up procedures, assistance.

  • Can I have a meeting with the franchise consultant if needed before purchasing the franchise? 

Yes. There will be different franchise consultants, and the one who will work for every company will be chosen before the contract signing and there will be the opportunity to have a meeting with that person before.

  • What is the frequency of the field representatives visits to the franchisee's location? 

It will be agreed between the franchisee and the franchisor. It will depend on the situation and need.

  • Are there any additional costs of field services if needed? 

It will depend on the required service, which can be checked with BIG BERRY, but mostly there are no costs for field services.

  • What kind of assistance can be expected? 

The training course, opening and closing events, parties, project implementation, closure of new partnerships.

  • What kind of guidance can be expected and is there any form of quality control? 

Management, partners relations, guests hosting, suppliers goods and services.

  • What is the effectiveness of the operational procedures? 

Operational procedures are not only highly effective but also easy to learn and to pass it on to the company. To make the procedures simple, BIG BERRY provides Franchise Book and training courses to make sure the whole staff will be well prepared and ready to deal with all types of procedures.

  • Are the manuals updates being regularly implemented?

Yes, they are. Besides it, whenever there is an update, BIG BERRY makes sure all Franchisees and Licensors are aware of it - in case of any update, BIG BERRY will find the best way to communicate the changes (electronically or via post).

About Advertising and Marketing

  • What kind of consumer advertising is recommended to use? 

BIG BERRY works with social media advertisement; Newsletter submission, Promotional Flyers for external events; sending of brand magazines; events promotions and participation in promotional events.

  • Which form of cooperative advertising programs are used in the company? 

Cooperation with local and international partners: magazines, radios, bloggers, influencers and suppliers.

  • How are the sales leads or customers being obtained?

Leads and customers are obtained through BIG BERRY, which has already been working hard on advertising the brand and services, besides the franchisee efforts on advertising, promoting the brand and connecting and reaching their target through on-site actions.

  • What is the company's national and regional advertising program?

BIG BERRY is currently working with a team of social media managers and content producers, on a non-stop basis, to reach all the online promotional demands and influencers (journalists, bloggers and others) - locally and internationally - to generate spontaneous and free publications. The brand has also been investing on content creation for the brand website and third-party online channels; writing magazines and hard copy publications; besides event promotions and connections with locals.

Contact us to learn more about advertising and marketing program and budget.

  •  What kind of marketing vehicles is being primarily used for the brand promotion? 

Social media channels: Instagram and Facebook; Website, Magazines: Feel, Join, and Create; Newsletter/targets.

  • Are there any excessive costs of advertising program for the grand opening? 

The Grand opening has no big expenses with advertising, once BIG BERRY works with hand-in invitations directed to a specific group of partners, influencers and other guests (international and local).

  • What are the average monthly expenses of advertising? 

The online marketing and advertisement are BIG BERRY’s role, being the franchisee's role to advertise the brand locally and according to its demands. Due to this, the amount of money spent on marketing and advertising can vary widely.

More practical information about advertising and marketing will be given during the training section.