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BB Red Violet Puff


Sitting puff or a floor cushion.
Classic leather cushions no longer fashionable/attractive...
Soft knitted sitting puffs - the lovely replacement of the old seat cushions sits perfectly in living rooms, or any BB space. We can easily say: unique look, compact and functional.
Ideal for everything from kid’s party, conversation patio to a cozy corner.
These lovely knitted puff - the most beautiful and comfortable puffs. The invite everyone to sit down, or lay their legs and relax.
It is beautifully done with colorful yarn, which looks amazing and gives a perfect touch for spaces. You can sit on the soft poufs and enjoy the great outdoors, or bring them inside for a modern look in any space. Place it in the workplace and it will inspire everyone to have more ideas.
The yarn these puffs are made of is fully washable, so I you can just throw the whole thing into the washing machine when it gets dirty and pop in the dryer with some tennis balls to poof it back up again.


  • Cozy corner inside or outside
  • As an extra seat
  • Cushion to lay down legs

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