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BIG BERRY Slovenia starts with a new season

For the third season in a row, Bela krajina is witnessing the growth of creative thinking within the BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort. Surrounded by beautiful and peaceful nature right on the banks of Kolpa River, in the southeast of Slovenia, BIG BERRY continues to create connections between local and international communities.

After taking part in the Winter Olympics by building the Slovenia House, the company, with Luxury of Freedom as its main concept, is now ready for the third season of hosting guests, events and business projects.

Aside from it all, the brand is also implementing new projects focused on art, design and culture while still continuing and improving existing projects. The company‘s efforts are put into encouraging knowledge sharing, cooperation and rethinking the concept of sustainable and social based tourism and business model.

BIG BERRY Projects

BIG BERRY is a three-year-old brand, originally operating in the field of tourism. There is one resort in Kolpa River, three other destinations exist as trial projects, and the brand is currently expanding its operations in other segments such as business projects, franchise, brand license, and events.

As for its business projects, BIG BERRY has been offering, for different business fields, Workation, which is a blend of vacation and work, where the participants experience a new work environment and outdoor activities in an attempt of boosting creativity and productivity, and Team Building, project that aims to strengthen the ties between members of the same team through lectures, games, informal meetings and the time spent in nature.

The brand has also been spreading its name by selling franchises. So far, three new destinations carrying BIG BERRY name and concept are planned to be opened in 2018, two of them in Slovenia, and one in Croatia. According to the CEO of the brand, Bostjan Hostej, ‘the goal of the brand is to have 300 destinations, all around the world, by 2030’.

2018 projects

Now more than ever, BIG BERRY is oriented towards art, architecture, design, and culture, and will host international artists, architects, designers and different cultural workers who will make the Kolpa River Resort an epicentre of creative thinking. 

The newest project to be launched by BIG BERRY in the period from 13th to 22nd of April is Art Colony, a project which will gather 7 European artists who will visually enrich BIG BERRY houses with their murals. Murals will be present on BIG BERRY houses from April to October, after which they will be presented in other BIG BERRY resorts and regional indoor and outdoor art galleries.

Design Year project, however, with its activities Product Design and Fashion Design, is promising to transform BIG BERRY Kolpa River into a completely design resort. Both students and professionals from all around Europe will rethink the necessity of design in touristic resorts, the necessity of collaboration of different designers as well as collaboration with local factories. Designers and their items designed or redesigned for BIG BERRY and produced in local factories will be presented at the final event in BIG BERRY Kolpa River Resort at the end of September and during Mesec oblikovanja, the biggest exhibition of Architecture and Design in the region.

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